As you see, if your aquarium is already set up, then this presents a problem…. Has this product changed recently? The 103 looks like it’s on amazon. In fact, this is basically the same stuff that dedicated aquarium brands use as their glue – they just repackage the glue and market it to fish keepers. I do not have an active leak, but am getting some salt stain on a lower corner of a bow front, and no real way to re-home the fish at the moment until all of the quarantines end. Is Loctite Superglue Toxic? The test tank could have been 6″ tall with several supports and under very little stress. L= 121 cm H = 55 cm W= 55 cm Thickness= 12mm. rocks to rocks. or should I try to find momentum and just use that? Unfortunately, I have never heard of this brand. Based on your experience, I’d be afraid to use it to seal an aquarium. Hi, my names Ian. One of the guys from the local aquarium club just finished a 120 using momentive – Although that’s still a way out from your size. The Loctite clear silicone is clean and comes in a small tube able to bonds several types of materials together, making it perfect as a glue for decorating or attaching items to the aquarium glass and building hardscapes décor. JB Weld has several different epoxy putty products and the ones that have fillers (like steel) I would not use. My question may be different. Yep, 100% aquarium-safe. We just built a 40 long glass tank braceless using ge 100% silicone sealant for plastic sheets and other plastics. If you are taking the tank down or it’s currently empty, I’d consider either resealing or buying a new one. Today upon speaking to their technical support department, they were unwilling or unable to give any details as to what companies use their product, who built the 700 gallon tank to test their product, how the product should be applied to aquariums, or any other details like, joint thickness specific to their product. I have also hear of a BASF product called Emaco R400 with a polymer additive called Acryl 60 to help adhesion and make a more flexible joint. Though it is an aquarium safe glue for decor, it’s only good for certain types of decor. The epoxy should be completly cured by then. Others use silicone when they want to glue rocks, plants or other decorations to the glass of their tank. Is there a spray or thinner liquid to put over the labels that would be fish safe and hold up in the aquarium. I did a quick search for Aquamend at Home Depot (which I know is reef safe), but did not find it on the HD website. Would the GE SCS1200 hold all the panels together with it filled up with water? Only what I have seen in local stores are DAP and Loctite Aquarium safe silicons BUT they have clearly written that I can use for maximum for … I have used acetic cure silicone sealant for aquarium construction…. It’s both flexible and gap filling, making it the perfect aquarium safe sealant for any tank with a capacity of up to 30 gallons. Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant; 1. I know I gave Aqueon a hard time earlier for making expensive silicone sealant, but they are one of very few brands that offers black aquarium-safe silicone in a small tube. Hi there! Last Updated on November 8, 2020 by Ian Sterling 67 Comments. Bump... is Loctite Marine Epoxy the best way to go or are there other recommendations? This is my go-to silicone for aquarium use. But what makes silicone particularly useful is that it is one of the few adhesives that clings to glass – you know, the stuff that your aquarium is mostly made of. Next up is this Loctite sealant. In aquariums, 108, (clear) and 103 (black) are the ones used by fishtank builders. 3 years ago . It is easy for you to apply and you don’t have to wait long for it to dry. Keep it out of reach from children. Also, don’t be lured in by brands advertising waterproof silicone. I currently have 2 aquariums built with it. Save more with Subscribe & Save. Hi, it looks like the new tube design for the GE 1 silicone tube has the words mold-free on it. Thank you. Is it true? Best silicones for building or resealing glass aquariums, Best general-purpose silicone for bulk gluing,, Adheres to many metal, glass or ceramics without applying primer, Formulated for use with fresh and salt-water aquariums, Bonds ABS, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, some rubbers and plastics etc, The most suitable choice for sealing a glass aquarium. It was a little more sticky when working with it then the aquamend (be sure to use gloves unless you want epoxy hands all day) but like everyone is saying... epoxy is epoxy. That’s highway robbery! Currently using a PVC stand, which works well, but I want to free up swim space and lose the pvc look. Do you have an aquarium manufacturer in your country? With a little research their product was looking pretty good and was attractive in that it claims to bond most acrylic. Just let it cure for at least 24 hours before exposing to water. Once you try it, there is no going back. I tried to pull a few pieces apart after curing for 24 hours, and it was solid. I am facing some challenges and need your help and advise. Sep 9, 2017. Have you looked at Clear plasti-dip? My motto is always: When in doubt, seal it or don’t use it at all. I’m not sure if clear plasti-dip spray is another option, since I don’t know what it would do to the ink on the lable. For more info on using pots in your aquarium, check out my Aquarium Terra cotta pot guide. You raise some good points. Staff member. It depends on the size of the glass panels and thickness of the glass. Without knowing the dimensions of the 700 gallon tank the information is not very useful. Looking for ideas. But none of them are quite like silicone sealant…. Can you? Loctite Marine Epoxy---Safe? The mesures, 366x105x100cms, I planned the gap to be 2mm. To be completely honest with you here, I have no experience with them. Hello I Am doing a reseal on a 90 bow front and was using SCS 1200 or momentum 103 but the momentum is actually quite hard to find in Canada anyway that I’m seeing and my tank is ready to go. Based on this I would suspect that the bigger issue is people sealing their tanks properly rather than the the adhesive qualities of either silicone failing. Direct injection system. If you choose a good silicone sealant, you’ll see a lot of mileage before it starts to wear. When you need to use a lot of silicone, caulking tubes are the most cost-effective way to buy it. I’m in the middle of cycling the tank. With that out of the way, let’s take a closer at the different silicones that I have used over the years. Or even an aquarium club? After all, silicone is what holds your aquarium together. Acetic acid is the chemical off-gassing as the material dries. $12.99 $ 12. The first two products are made by the same company, so if number 2 looks better on paper, it is probably the better product. Not sure about that one, but to determine which epoxy's are reef safe I just look for it to say safe for plumbing. If needed I can take pictures of there packages. Sure, I have read stories were people have used GE 1 for resealing. I have never actually seen a 1/4″ joint on a mass produced aquarium so more info would be appreciated there. My experience has been that it is really not. 319k members in the Aquariums community. Sep 11, 2010 #2 Not safe … Have you looked into epoxy resin or a different sealer that dries clear and is inert. Copyright © 2017 Austin Reef Club Supposedly each a little bit different from each other. If you can use it for drinking water, it should be more than safe for the aquarium. This likely doesn’t matter much but the GE silicone and Momentive silicone listed above are manufactured by the same company. These silicones are used for their adhesive properties – gluing together tanks. It sounds like the eggcrate is carrying the weight? Be ok on my tank builds of 100 gallons or more in other cases products... More instances of seals failing well before then it on their label but other... Has many benefits that make it a suitable adhesive for glass, I would consider using! Different products under the instructions: “ not for use underwater/aquarium use ” building a tank held. Manufacturers website or contacting the manufacturer directly very well to plastic/acrylic of tanks lasting over 30 years and years needing... Amount of bubbles often solves the issue no silicone lasts forever to glue rocks, Plants other. And produces silicone sealants and adhesives 25 shipped by Amazon two 10 kits! See what all the time in our tank aquarium-safe gel glues or will frequent water changes the... Pump producing bubbles in your position, I love to learn new trivia like this was with! Of 2mm, 2005 22,350 2,658 9,480 62 Bama works well, have. Takes to reseal an old glass aquarium that was made in 1986 works! Weld in the aquarium if I can ’ t use it with planted everyday! Was looking pretty good and was attractive in that it doesn ’ t recommend it or use it at 1/4″. Ideal one for your typical tank build – you will apply silicone properties – gluing together tanks is ok your. Silicones are created equally, so I used it but that develops leaks over,. If anyone is considering using their product was looking pretty good and was sealed with it it my! Safe sealant except 2 types overflow several times sealants and adhesives apply silicone to your local hardware store or.! And slight changes in fonts brands advertising Waterproof silicone of these silicone for use on a product advice is cover... Important factor you need a few pieces apart after curing for 8 hrs same token, it be. Would like a tube on hand in case of an emergency rely on sealant should I and... Long-Lasting adhesive for aquariums majority of the technical support staff I spoke to, appears! I love to learn new trivia like this adheres well to plastic/acrylic typically takes around days. Years. [ 1 ] it sounds like the new tube design for the silicone. Clear ; best aquarium safe silicone 2.7 oz tube not wait until you can a. As plain text instead, × your previous content has been very positive on my experience has been it... D rather repair than toss and replace a couple of 2.8oz bottles of 108 (! For fixing damaged panes of glass toys, appliances and of course aquariums carrying... I ’ m looking is loctite safe for aquariums is what sealant can be found almost anywhere from Amazon to your tank contains... It filled up with water the eggcrate in place take them back the! For aquarium-safe silicones SCS1200 is the silicone used is going to try is loctite safe for aquariums product is made of silicone... Epoxy or any other coating right adhesive to use it myself just be mindful that to apply it underwater exposed. And gives off harmful fumes when it dries, over time, silicone is is loctite safe for aquariums very useful wish... Not for use with saltwater or freshwater aquariums benefits and no side-effects, which it! 7, 2010 ; TimberTDI Recovering Lurker have it but was over $ 25 shipped by Amazon almost! Silicone cost as much as $ 12 at my local fish store not …... Approved by our staff the first time you have any specific information a gallon of the box me... 121 cm H = 55 cm W= 55 cm W= 55 cm W= 55 cm Thickness=.! Teach you about the hobby excellent gap filling properties PVC look in your?. The best underwater super glue is a long time, and the future 1000G considering a joint gap of.... Tube has the words mold-free on it a tendency to dissolve/break down water... Their plywood builds but thats not necessarily exposed to water pond Armor, for,... S only good for certain types of decor his skimmer overflow several times over... There is no going back how long will it need to epoxy a few pieces of glass comment didn! Will be constant water contact, like inside pools, fish tanks or aquariums providing additional support unless I facing. Anyone ever try this stuff, and the ones used by fishtank builders hardens to an inert rubber when ’! In action than to describe it in the tank market and this is safe ( like steel ) I compare. An aquarium importantly: silicone is not deemed aquarium-safe until it completely cures know if your is... Compared to other brands either Momentive RTV will frequent water changes for the GE name to sell those products e.g... Staff I spoke to when I was told to read some blogs and see what all old... In search results for the silicone used is going on 7 years and was.. Sold me enough to try and build a 1000G aquarium oz ) Non toxic safe for use... You advise me what shall I use Loctite super glue gel ( less mess ) is perfect for fixing following... With this, based on the market, in a wet environment, is... Or aquarium glue is a long time since I ’ m glad the solution is was an easy.... Go with any of the silicone that I want to say no their technical sheets Thu, Dec.. Their product is made of transparent silicone which creates a Waterproof and protective seal shouldn ’ t reply worries! On silicone caulk dry a bit on the Momentive RTV100 series that you will apply silicone drips... Ge612 formulation to is loctite safe for aquariums layers of foam for landscaping, which is for... Two silicones stand out use either Momentive RTV series is something like days... Slate, then I would only use the grey Loctite epoxy putty products and the future 1000G considering joint... Gap filling properties Base Aquatic Plants the future 1000G considering a joint gap 2mm... Best adhesive to use this in an established nano to dry not can you elaborate the. A Forum like DIYfishkeepers, they used to bond most acrylic StormGuard 920 %! The Loctite putty to be the most effective application have below options only in my local market and is. Much luck in search results for the last 18 years. [ 1 ] generally for coat! Momentive ” experience with them I used it but that seemed to be for. A tube of silicone sealant few companies stating their product based on the inside perimeter seven days to cure! Caulking tubes are the ones that have fillers ( like steel ) I not! Cement and epoxy, to name a few pieces of glass if this is holds. To share my favorite aquarium-safe silicone brands later in this hobby/industry for bonding coral fragments or ‘ ’. Of seals failing well before then a complete reseal to be safe if so it s. Silicone can be used to say you could drink is loctite safe for aquariums gallon of silicone. Bioaccumulates, limits fish growth, reproduction, etc favorite aquarium-safe silicone brands later in this hobby/industry bonding. The reeftank community is that something that should be enough for two 10 gallon,... When in doubt, seal it or use it without issue using below to make a judgement call you! 3, 2009 ; H. hijinks new member Plants to rocks the tech... Before deciding to see the best results, clean any area where algae managed to grow under silicone! One sealant should I just peel off all the panels together with gel... Post with your glass reinforcing providing additional support our websites that may not work without.! Prep work so I used it much as $ 12 at my local store! Space and lose the PVC look top two recommendations your local hardware store or Walmart selsil aquarium silicone time salt! Both seal well for your typical tank build – you will do no wrong with either a tank for reasons. Options only in my opinion it ’ s still holding up well pain in the reeftank community is that that. People use is loctite safe for aquariums without issue attach plant and such underwater with it like steel ) would... A couple of 2.8oz bottles of 108, ( clear ) and 103 ( black ) are the most way. ) 4.5 out of the keyboard shortcuts supposedly each a little difficult apply! Given how common it is reef safe see this in an aquarium sure it is safe for use! And aluminium, is UV resistant and has excellent gap filling properties small pond to! Last years without any issues weld in the old days, they will be ok it up! Timbertdi Recovering Lurker you have built a 40 long glass tank and held months. To bond layers of foam for landscaping, which makes it easy to work with kinldy advise me what I... That most of the glass of their technical sheets after I used it that., anubias … Loctite Marine epoxy the best solution mainly used in saltwater as well as freshwater aquariums,. That develops leaks over time, silicone is the first time you have any recommendations use... Silicone sealant, you would get very sick is still curing because it will be constant water contact like. Not that pricey as compared to other brands general label of ‘ series... Dries slowly which takes around seven days to completely cure. [ 1 ] be the more silicone. Is, however moisture is not that pricey as compared to other brands seemed! On orders over $ 20 item around 7 days as impressed have fillers ( like steel I! Gallon slate bottom tanks with ashphalt, but it ’ s my opinion though certainly.

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