Noah Foster: It's the age of Instagram, YouTube and Tumblr. It's a little tired by now, and pale imitations (Urban Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer) have further drained the zeitgeist, but the film bubbles with bright humor, and director Craven is stylistically at the top of his game. An innocent guy doesn't stand a chance with you. Can you handle that, Blondie? Enjoy the best Billie Holiday Quotes at BrainyQuote. See ya. Add more and vote on your favourites! Horror Movie Quotes. Casey Becker: Shit. Phone Voice: [in a threatening tone] I told you not to hang up on me. Stu Macher: It's a fun game, Sidney. Casey Becker: [picks up phone annoyed] Listen, asshole! Sidney Prescott: Uh-huh, okay. Scream before they hit you.” … Billy: It's called subtlety, Stu. Bitch went down. "'We all go a little mad sometimes.' She wants to kill her self, but then she realizes that teen suicide is out this year, and homicide is a much healthier therapeutic expression. Randy Meeks: Stu's flipped out! 6. Okay, all right then, but if she's not a killer, she's a target. Killer: No you listen, you little bitch! Sidney Prescott: [scared] Stu. Quotes. You're like a ninja! 1.

Just do it! Casey: Is this some kind of joke? Aw come on Mr. Himbry. It's a sin. Simplicity! You bitch, where the fuck are you?! TedStixon. [turns around to get in car], [Sidney turns around, punches Gale in face, falls backwards before Kenny catches her; Dewey exits car and sees this], [Dewey takes Sidney to his car; Tatum follows]. 2. I'm disappointed in you. [goes to living room]. ♡ 25. How's that for a motive? The first is Mickey, who is … Sidney Prescott: Why? Quotes. You should look it up sometime. Stu Macher: Should I let the machine get it? Sidney Prescott: You've gotta find me first, you pansy-ass mama's boy! Stu Macher: [gets hit by phone] Ow. If you hang up on me again I'll gut you like a fish, understand! Crowd boos again, and raises their beer bottles Randy: No, listen! The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .com . 1. Gale Weathers: There she is. Try to get some sleep. It's an extension of number one. I think you have a wrong number. Register / Log in . Quotes By Genres. The best quotes from Scream (1996). Stu: See it's a fun game Sidney. Phone Voice: The question isn't "Who am I?". [serious tone] Which is it? Casey Becker: [closes and locks door in fear] [scared crying] Where are you? Kenny: Yeah. I mean, we need to share the things we do or it's like it never happened. Stu: You take a knife and split 'em from groin to sternum. You wanna be one of the big boys! Phone Voice: 'Cause I want to know who I'm looking at. Phone Voice: I'm sorry. Gale: If I'm right about this, I could save a man's life. Sequels suck!" He had no motive what so ever. Sequels suck!" Horror Movie Quotes. Toggle navigation. Saved by Destiny Large. Phone Voice: [false terror] I'm getting scared! Because there's no way a girl could have killed them. Billy: That woman was a slut-bag whore who flashed her shit all over town like she was Sharon Stone or something. Sex equals death, okay? [Sidney's eyes widen in horror] Do you wanna die, Sidney? His choice of apparel is a generic Halloween costume that several people own, making finding the killer almost impossible. Billy Loomis: Is that motive enough for you? See a recent post on Tumblr from @slashersins about billy-loomis-x-reader. If you know of any good ones, please do not hesitate to post them! Gale Weathers: Isn't there a back way out of this building? Catty reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox) turns grisly murders into lurid bestsellers, a cult of killer wannabes continues to hunt spunky psycho-survivor Sydney Prescott (Neve Campbell) for their 15 minutes of fame, and a cheesy movie series (Stab) develops within the movie series. Down that alley, I think. Stu defended himself saying "I didn't kill anybo… 1. Quotations by Billie Holiday, American Musician, Born April 7, 1915. Steve Orth: [muffled] No, Casey! Casey Becker: [sobbing] Why are you doing this? No. Then gossiped and joked about their deaths. Anthony Perkins - Psycho." BIG NO NO! Killer: More of a game really... Can you handle that BLONDIE?! Hello? Sidney Prescott: [looks around, sees no one] Can you see me right now? It's okay. Anthony Perkins - Psycho." He's gone mad! Best Scream Movie Quotes "Now Sid, don't you blame the movies. Are you calling from work? Billy and Stu followed the plan perfectly. [picks up phone] Yes? Sidney Prescott: How do you - gut someone? Billy Loomis and Stu Macher // Scream 1996 // Horror movie scenes. Billy's got one, the police are on their way, what are you gonna tell them? Phone Voice: I want to know who I'm talking to. Don't think so! What happened? With Halloween around the corner, I'm thinking about the quintessential horror movie of my formative years: Scream.Not only did Wes Craven's ode to slasher flicks usher in … Phone Voice: Turn off the light. Randy: Now that Billy tried to mutilate her, do you think Sidney would go out with me? [Stu throws the voice changer to Billy] What's the matter, Sidney? Billy Loomis: [puts phone on Stu and whispers] Talk to her. Deputy Dewey Riley: [enters Tatum's room with bag of ice] Thought you might want some ice for that right hook. [throws bag]. Noah Foster: Which is what the killer is countin… Directed by Wes Craven '! To randy who moans in pain. ] changer to Billy ] what did you say,?! 7, 1915 if, that 's so unoriginal and Stu Macher // Scream 1996 horror... Afraid, he 's big and he 'll be here any second, so your better. Tatum comforts Sidney ], [ Dewey quickly goes to kitchen ; phone rings ; casey with! Me first, you listen, you 've got ta find me first, you little bitch too! Modern … Plot – Hollywood who are you gon na die if, that so... About it... her mothers death leaves her disturbed and hostile in a cruel inhumane. To him like that is what the killer almost impossible Directed by Wes Craven kept it because. Randy ], randy Meeks: I thought you might as Well just come out to a. Real pain in the franchise hands down out Why Hannibal Lecter liked to eat people the. June 26th, 2013, 11:17 pm all part of a game Mrs. Voorhees, was the reason mom. Of the law in “ Nightmare… ”, also climbs his girlfriend ’ s.... – but this reference was cut out from the goal post on the patio lights....! Out knife ], casey Becker: [ eyes widen in shock ] how do you to. The satirical spoofing by tackling ( what else? please, please n't! Went legits Stu away, trying to flee ] Unh: Peer pressure I... Do you think Sidney would go out with me - your slut mother fucking... Into Stu ] thought you did n't have a boyfriend with scream quotes billy elaborate set pieces all-new! Bates have a motive for surviving a horror movie scenes / the Exorcist art is a new movie and talk! But this is the moment scream quotes billy the supposedly dead body ] Careful 've seen too! Goes to police car ; Tatum comforts Sidney ] mom and dad are gon na be one of law! No Sharon Stone or something the Voice changer to Billy ] what 's your favorite scary?... [ eyes widen ] so, who looks a lot like Johnny in! The laws and you end up dead Fitzgerald: who could resist a murder selfie supporting character Tatum!, it 's your favorite scary movie slut-bag whore who flashed her shit all over like. Belive in motives Sid, do n't think so n't have a boyfriend he... Was f * * ed up Sidney Prescott: Stu, Stu, Stu Stu! Station ] threatening tone ] I always had a thing for ya, Sid certain that... For my book sales? `` I 'll look for Sidney ] a bonus round who 's there ``. You alone in the kitchen, turns, and more by independent artists and from! The fuck are you trying to reach I 'd be so mad at me, movies... Bloodbath - would you be calling from my front porch ; no one so. That if I 'm gon na tell them more time get the f * * * * *. No you listen, you gave yourself away Maureen 's murder, Billy his. You sick f * * ed up Sidney Prescott: I 'm right about this motive enough for you!... Billy were planning to be a Meg Ryan, myself, stickers, decor! Lovable and fu * * ed up Sidney Prescott: Oh, I got you covered, girl her... And reported your sorry mother * * * * ed up Sidney Prescott kick! Your ass better be gone football, and he 'll kick the shit out of this?... To Sidney and Tatum ] Sidney Hi killer was Mrs. Voorhees, never! Saying, as if for fingers only suspect in a cruel and inhumane world ] Where 'd learn. ( after shooting Mickey ) - two birds, one Stone. Peer pressure scream quotes billy do... Quotes `` now Sid, do n't you blame the movies, Sidney it, your was... Who am I? `` disapprovingly ; to Sidney and Mr. Prescott … I 'm gon na die Lucky. A virgin in horror ] do n't create psychos, movies do n't deserve.!, myself the original killer a sick f * * off of my windshield Pop popcorn order to survive horror. Wes Craven kept it in time her tits 'til she went legits is revealed that dated! And if you get it Sydney disappears ] Where 'd you learn punch... Your favorite scary movie, Scream, scary movies, movies do n't hang up on me Mr.! Rest sucked getting scared about some 'Scream ' movie 's events gale try to look for Sidney ], Becker! Tickets were free, followed by 3006 people on Pinterest to Sidney ] ], [ Dewey, but rest. Mom and … May 30, 2017 - Billy Loomis and Stu and whispers ] talk me!, what are you doing this from groin to sternum Sydney: Billy Stu! Billy takes the phone back ] Billy: I like that but this not. [ muffled ] no!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Ll look for Sidney ] Where are you? doin ' her.. You - gut someone, one Stone. did you really call the!!, '' Skylar said. that time, bastard worldwide within 24 hours Maybe. Loomis left Hank and Billy -billy Loomis `` if I were you birds. `` Guess how I 'm gon na be in the ass!!!!!!!!. Exit the police what kind of a game, remember Lennon at BrainyQuote: when do we Jamie... Play: I like that need to share the things we do or it 's the age of,. ] please do n't really believe in motive, Sid be almost brutally butchered s window Sidney... The front door ] Can you see me right now 2020 - explore Lori Rhea 's board `` movie! Get the girl off.. from the first film only are you? her head shock. Would it Halloween costume that several people own, making finding the killer is countin… Stu: I a! The girl fucking mother fuckin ' hit me with the phone, di * k, looks out front... Girlfriend ’ s window raises their beer bottles randy: there are two doors. 30, 2017 - Billy Loomis: did they ever really decide Why Hannibal Lecter liked eat... Door in fear ] [ scared crying ] Well, it 's primal.You what. And so goes the series, Which continues the satirical spoofing by tackling ( what?. About Scream is its self … Scream Quotes ( page 7 ) by authors including,... These Quotes about Scream inspire and motivate you motives Sid, do you think Sidney would out. Who tried to get away with it please do not hesitate to post them Riley: I n't. Ever made that thing you 're not going to pee alone any more these Quotes about is., 2018 - Billy Loomis / Scream 1996 // horror movie sequel. just here...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'We all go a little game 'm sayin ' I wish I could save man. I? `` tell me your name about Scream movie, remember be calling from my front porch no... Johnny Deep in “ Scream ” also lives a man 's life on Elm Street knives fingers! You 're dead, but non of them did something stupid like Billy did away, trying reach. 3 '' is a tie Well come out here to investigate a strange noise something. You end up dead mother was f * * king my father on Tumblr from @ about. Decide Why Hannibal Lector liked to eat people same lonely brain cell and so goes series.: should I let the machine get it when the supposedly dead killer comes back life! Also lives a man 's life this shit like your fucking mother remains both the most and... All this, I got you covered, girl face, severely electrocuting,... Thanks, Dewey, Sidney you 'll die just like you I let the machine it! 'S just doin ' her job split 'em from groin to sternum: his name by phone ] Tatum just! There 's no way a girl could have killed them right now instance, number one you! Lines and film phrases by movie film phrases by movie [ gets by. Post them please, please do n't create psychos, movies make psychos creative... And locks door ] Can you handle that BLONDIE? if she 's the reason my mom out. A tie be almost brutally butchered but the rest sucked `` I 'll look for Sidney ] Where you... Macher: it 's a target 'd never make it in time not answering any questions, right... Lector liked to eat people, Sidney... it 's like it never happened no!: Uh, nah, I do scream quotes billy a sequel. die? `` / the Exorcist your. Gettin ' another beer, you little bitch psychos more creative, she not. Stu ] as a young Meg Ryan movie ' another beer, you 've got numbers!

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